I am an artist, fine art photographer, wordsmith, traveler, healer and reader.

I began a lifelong journey into the Healing Arts when I was a teenager and my interest in metaphysics and healing became a guiding force for me. When I was 17 I studied under psychic Gunter Benz for two years learning the art of Clairvoyant reading , Energy Work and hands on healing. I studied everything that was known about the energy systems of humans & animals with a passion and got very inspired to learn everything I could about Alternative Medicine. I received my Massage Practitioner License from the state of Oregon in 1992. My practice for the next ten years combined my knowledge of body & energy work; all fields of alternative medicine & holistic wellness. I’ve taught classes in Developing Psychic Abilities for adults and home-schooled teens, and have now given clairvoyant/clairaudient/empathic readings for 21 years, specializing in working with the chakras and focusing towards individualized life & spiritual counseling and all physical issues.
I was introduced to Quantum Touch while living in Sedona, Arizona and have been a Certified Practitioner since 2002. I had high hopes of heading in the direction of A Doctor of Naturopathy or something similar but never found myself well enough to make such a commitment. I put Healing to the side for awhile to go after my other love, art, and worked on establishing myself as a photographer.
In July 2010 I was diagnosed with Late Stage Neurological Lyme Disease after an entire lifetime of health struggles and no answers. I’ve had Lyme since I was born and I never understood until now how much it shaped & affected the progress of my life. As of right now I’m on the road that is the journey back to health . I share my strength and my love with everyone who has been touched by this disease and live with the knowing that our combined energy, compassion & fight for awareness will see us through.

I  was born in Ohio, but my Mom and 2nd Dad  made the best decision of their lives and moved us to Eugene, Or so I really grew up in the progressive free thinkin Pacific Northwest.  My  Daddy lived in Charleston,SC  my whole life though and the South got in my blood. I’ve been an Oregon girl,  a sometimes South Carolina girl, an Arizona girl and a Hawaii girl, and in 2008 moved my family to Louisiana so I could FINALLY be a Louisiana Girl. We got all settled & life a’happened & I up and moved again. Two years in New Jersey dealing with & treating Lyme and life changed again , and now here I am back in Louisiana with my family.

I’m a night girl. I’m also a theory girl, a nature girl, a quote girl and an animal girl. I am somthin’ of a wild creature, a heavenly creature, a different kind of creature… I am happiest when I’m IN MOTION. I thrive on change and living in the moment. I don’t follow the rules; I live outside the lines. I am probably one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet. I refuse to take myself, or anyone else seriously. I am AMUSED by everything. I believe in being happy. DO IT NOW!!! begin it now! Be Here Now! Life is for living. I believe that we create our reality every moment of every day, that anything can change, that anything is possible. I believe in experiencing the miraculous, in following your bliss. I think that humor, integrity and authenticism are probably the most important qualities we possess. I attempt to say YES to everything… I believe everything happens for a reason & in being totally liquid as well. I have the 2 best dogs in the Universe. I don’t play games. I don’t use people. I don’t hold grudges. I despise being lied to, because even if I can’t prove it, I can always ‘feel’ the truth. I never forget anything. I know I’m not always right. I don’t take any shit; but then I don’t give any out either. I LAUGH A LOT…………………….. Music, music, music… live and breathe by it, my refuge & my solace. … I read so much it’s absurd.

Things I would like to do asap: play with wolves, build an organic farm, get my scuba diving certification, interview a Vampire, hang with the Tiger Monks in Thailand, go tornado chasing, check out the jazz clubs in Paris, go work with the Lion Whisperer in South Africa, finally learn how to snowboard, spend a month in Bali writing, hike part of the Appalachian trail, design my own home, write a book… or 5. Win a Noble, or a Pulitzer, or both……

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